Mother and son of the legendary Jackson family share a birthday

Happy birthday to 2 members of the Jackson family. Mother Katherine turns 92 today, and her son Jackie turns 71. Mrs. Jackson was born May 4, 1930 in Clayton, Alabama, while Jackie Jackson was born (as you already know) May 4, 1951 in Gary, Indiana.

Did You Know?

Mrs. Jackson actually aspired to be a country singer, marrying Joe Jackson in 1949 she sang in a band while he played guitar. Jackie was actually born ‘Sigmund Esco Jackson’, his  little brothers couldn’t pronounce his name as children so they nicknamed him “Little Jackson” – now affectionately known as Jackie. Before international fame as a member of The Jackson5, Jackie Jackson was actually drafted as a professional baseball player for the Chicago White Socks, he ultimately chose to stick with music and the rest is history.

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