Events will include a unity walk, concert, museum activities and more.

By Candace McDuffie

In this Feb. 24, 1956, file photo, Rosa Parks arrives at circuit court to be arraigned in the racial bus boycott in Montgomery, Ala.
Photo: Associated Press (AP)

Next week, Montgomery is recognizing the 66th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott with various events and celebrations. They will consist of lectures, museum activities, a unity walk, concert and other happenings.

The website for the events read:

Rosa Parks was arrested Dec. 1, 1955 after she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a bus that was segregated in Montgomery. Her decision ignited a yearlong boycott of the bus system by Black passengers and help start the civil rights movement.

The lawsuit Browder v. Gayle filed on behalf of women who had also been treated poorly on city buses ultimately led to the court deciding that the segregated bus system was unconstitutional.

From December 1 to December 5, admission to the Rosa Parks Museum will be free. At the museum, there is a replica of the legendary bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. In addition, the Montgomery Housing Authority is opening its doors to the public to tour Parks’ former home.

Two years ago, the city placed a statue of Parks near the spot where she is believed to have boarded the bus. Partners of the festivities include:

Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, JDB Hospitality LLC, Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University, Equal Justice Initiative, St. Paul AME, KHARI Creative, Alabama Department of Archives and History, WK Media and The National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African American Culture at Alabama State University.

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