She told him “people who normally walk this area don’t have tattooing like that

Times are trying and they haven’t just gotten this way. Currently, much of the focus is on what’s taking place in Memphis. Everybody has an opinion on that and rightfully so. However, situations like that happen every day. The good news is that a large number of people who end up in those kinds of situations get to walk away from them alive. However, that doesn’t stop it from being wrong. Case and point, a man walking in Burbank, California, who is confronted by cops over his tattoo sleeve.

The United States are supposed to be the land of the free. While that is what is often said, in theory, it is rarely that way in practice. In practice, this means a person can’t be harassed, simply because they look different. At the same time, the limits to this rule come when a person is causing harm, or some kind of disturbance. Bottom line is that the nation is supposed to protect the freedoms of all of its residents. This is supposed to extend even to people who have a lot of tattooing on their bodies.

Recently, a man was confronted by two officers in Burbank, California. When he asked the female officer why he was stopped, the woman said it was because of the tattoo sleeve on his arm. She told him people who normally walk this area don’t have tattooing like that. After that, the woman offered an apology when he complained about her reasoning. However, this didn’t stop her from continuing to question him, and she told him she would not keep answering his questions.

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