Warwick has been hard at work preparing for her upcoming 50-city tour dubbed, Hits! The Music 

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Having a career that spans decades is a testament to ones’ passion for their respective craft, and acting with the mindset of being a lifelong student. Dionne Warwick at 82-years-old continues to work and record music as if she’s a baby-faced and wide-eyed student.

Warwick has been hard at work preparing for her upcoming 50-city tour dubbed, Hits! The Music alongside her son, Damon Elliott.

The East Orange, NJ. native spoke with AP News, about her career, working with her son and their upcoming tour, which she also serves as executive producer.

“Anything that deals with children is an automatic yes for me,” Warwick said to AP news. “These babies are amazing. They’ve proven what music can do, bring joy, happiness, inspiration, ability — just life, you know?”

Proving to be a student of music, the Grammy-winning artist was inspired to do Hits! The Music after watching the group of kids perform songs like Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca;”   “Where Is The Love?” by the Black-Eyed Peas; Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep;” and “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

Warwick added: “I’m really at a loss for words and I’m never at a loss for words. To see this kind of brilliance.”

Fifteen- year- old cast-member, Matthew Jost said he’s excited to work with Warwick.

It’s just music that means a lot to me. For this year, we’re all over the place,” Jost said, to AP news. “Just gets that we’re kids, we’re here, and music brings people together.”

Damon Elliott, Warwick’s son, was nominated for an Academy Award along with songwriter Diane Warren for the song “Applause” from the film Tell It Like A Woman. The duo also joined forces on a song called “Gonna Be You” in the upcoming 80 For Brady movie.

“Mom and I, we don’t take on anything, we don’t endorse pretty much anything,” Elliott said to AP News.  “But when it involves kids, as long as they are truly up to par and they work hard and bring that energy, I’ll be behind it.”

Warwick added: “I’ll keep going as long as the people want me to be there and they fill the seats. That’s all I can tell you.”

Earlier this year, Warwick announced that she and Dolly Parton were working on a record. However, the song has yet to be released.

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