Michael Irvin’s attorneys are arguing that the defendants in the Cowboys icon’s sexual misconduct lawsuit took actions that :were intentional, aggravated, and committed with an evil mind.”


FRISCO – Michael Irvin is still biding his time, fighting his way out of a “dark place” and hoping he will be “re-employed” by NFL Network and ESPN once he wins his $100 lawsuit filed against Marriott and his accusers.

“I was in a dark place from dealing with all that stuff since Super Bowl,” the Dallas Cowboys icon recently said.

Meanwhile, as the case has moved to Arizona, there have been some developments, CowboysSI.com has learned. Among those: A summons was issued to each of the key people who had some involvement in that fateful Super Bowl Week in Arizona during which a hotel employee accused Irvin of sexual misconduct while the two chatted in the lobby.

Also important: “Jane Doe” asked that her identity remain confidential, and plaintiff Irvin and attorney Levi McCathern agreed to grant that to the defendant. … while also asking the court for a jury trial.

Inside the Star (via smart work by author Jazz Monet) cites its acquisition of court documents that add some detail to Irvin’s position. His complaint states, “Defendants improperly took direct measures to scar Mr. Irvin’s reputation, which had a direct and detrimental effect on his livelihood, business relationships and prospective engagements and caused him humiliation and emotional distress. Defendants accomplished this result through unfair and wrongful means.”

Irvin’s side also argues: “Defendants’ actions were intentional, aggravated, and committed with an evil mind and intent to cause injury or in reckless and/or deliberate disregard of an unjustifiably substantial risk of significant harm to Mr. Irvin. … Mr. Irvin is entitled to an award of punitive damages in an amount sufficient to punish Defendants and deter them and others similarly situated from engaging in like conduct in the future.”

CowboysSI.com was present at Irvin’s most recent media session during which the Hall of Famer vehemently and passionately defended himself, his attorneys showing to us the hotel video that the defendants were long unwilling to show – despite orders from the court. Said Irvin: “I know I didn’t do anything wrong … It’s just sickening.”

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  1. Black men in America need to defend themselves against the ‘Karen’s’ of the world… or someone looking for a paycheck.

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