This year’s theme “All Kinds of Black” is meant to highlight the people, places and practices of Black culture through various art forms and music.

Author: Dominique Newland

AUSTIN, Texas — As the city of Austin prepares to celebrate Juneteenth, _OFCOLOR’s hosted its second Annual Black Art WKND from June 10 to 12. 

The event is a series of interactive art experiences at East Austin venue Distribution Hall. Throughout the three days, locals could view multiple exhibits and hear from artists. 

This year’s theme is “All Kinds of Black,” which honors the people, places and practices of the Black community in Austin and beyond. More than 40 emerging contemporary and urban artists were featured in exhibits throughout Distribution Hall with live music and VIP and dining experiences. 

“We want to make sure we amplify the different colors and schemes and different textures of what it means to be Black,” said Steven Hatchett, founder of _OFCOLOR. 

Credit: Dominique Newland

“Our first event last year was a success, giving several of the participating artists their first true gallery experience,” said RuDi Devino, the founding member of _OFCOLOR. 

Seven exhibit curators handpicked the types of artwork that appeared as part of the experience.

“Black Art WKND 2021 allowed us to infuse 80% of our funding to put on the event by using Black-owned businesses and vendors, and we hope to do the same thing again this year,” said Devino.

_OFCOLOR said it aims to empower diverse creatives and cultivate one-of-a-kind experiences for people of all ages and races to explore art in different ways. 

“We know that the Black population is slowly declining because of gentrification and other things. This allows us to bring forth an environment where, at least they feel as though they can stay, that they can build, and that there is something here for them. We definitely wanted to make sure what we’re incorporating gives the ability for them to feel as though they belong,” said Hatchett.

By Jonathan Baptiste

They are the force behind Austin’s first Latino Art WKND, held in November 2021, and behind crafting numerous art, fashion and music-related experiences across the city. 

Tickets for the event ranged from $35 to $100. A portion of the proceeds will benefit _OFCOLOR’s community partner Six Square Austin to continue supporting artists of color in Austin. 

Featured  _OFCOLOR Artist

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